What’s In The Bag

We are hoping to make 100 bags, each with everyday necessities and something fun to be delivered to the homeless on Christmas Day! Below we will list the prices for the items in the quantity of one bag.

Red Bag : $0.50

Granola Bars : $0.20

Socks : $1.00

Tissues : $0.35

Dental Supplies : $1.00

Antibacterial Wipes : $1.00

Band-Aids : $1.00

Gum : $0.25

Chapstick : $0.50

Bottled Water : $0.25

Subway Turkey Sandwich : $6.00

Chocolate : $0.25

McDonalds Gift Card : $10.00

Each bag will end up costing around $23.00. If you would like to donate, you can visit gofundme.com/redbagproject. Thank You!


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