Delivering Bags To Homeless 2015

Thank you to everyone who donated and helped with The Red Bag Project! We succesfully made and handed out 100 red bags to the homeless on December 25, Christmas Day, 2015. Thank you to Phoenix Swim Club for all the donations and support. About 3/4 of the items were donated my members of Phoenix Swim Club. The other items we got with the money we have earned from past bake sales and from our gofundme page. We wouldn’t have been able to make as many bags as we did with as many needed items if it hadn’t been for Phoenix Swim Club. Each bag contained two granola bars, 1 pair of socks, 1 package of tissues, 1 package of toothpaste and 1 toothbrush, 1 package of Wet Wipes, 6 bandages, 6 packets of gum, 1 chapstick, 1 bottle of water, and 1 10$ McDonalds Gift Card. We ordered 100 Jimmy John’s sandwiches, but ,unfortunately, did not receive them in time to put them in the bags.

It is so sad to see how many homeless people are living under blankets in the streets. We went to Downtown Phoenix and there were at least 300 homeless people on one small street. We had 100 bags which wasn’t enough and we also had 8 bags with feminine products. We quickly ran out of the eight smaller bags and were running out of the big red bags just as fast. The bags were in the trunk and we were in the backseat, so to get the bags we had to reach behind us and every time we turned around to get more bags, there would be homeless people reaching inside our car trying to get a bag. There were fights breaking out between people over the bags and there were also people sharing what they got in their bag. We couldn’t give everybody a bag, but luckily there were some other people handing out their own bags on the same street. They had about 400 bags and gave them to the people that hadn’t gotten a red bag. As we were driving away, there was one younger man who asked us if there were any left. We told him we had just run out and he was super nice about it saying he just missed it but he’s glad other people got bags. It’s so sad that such a nice person ended up living on the streets.

Thank you to the following people:
Michelle Newman, Patricia Tejada, Don Kile, The Chesno Family, Rachel Troychock, The McAnally Family, Sherry Julitz, Karen Tano, Aline Lindemann, Barb and Mitch Gardner, Kathleen Carriker, Laura Carriker, Trooper Kern, Paul Schlenker, The Gomez Family, The Lipson Family, The Schloz Family, The Keeble Family, Erica McClurg, The Harrison Family, Christy Maycock, Vicki Miller, The Munk Family, Lisa Fratesi, The Wylie Family, Stacey Horton, Bill Rathsburg, The Giles Family, The Schramm Family, Debbbie Meek, Candie Niezgodzki, The Rosenboom Family, The Wright Family, Sharon Zolondek, Gwen Pipantnangkura, Jack Ehmann, Barbara Theisen, The McGuire Family, The Hayes Family, The Strolic Family, The Ben Family, The Tunnell Family, The Bunde Family, The Debbins Family, The Pickard Family, The Lomax Family, The Sotomayor Family, The Checkett Family, The Oland Family, The Ottomeyer Family, The Hahn Family, The Bullington Family, The Williams Family, The Hoff Family, The Holmes Family, The Pohlad Family, The Ault Family, The Neenad Family, and The Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health.


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