Summer Virtual Bake Sale


We are doing a local virtual bake sale where you can order baked goods, if you live in the Phoenix area, and we will deliver the goods to your house on August 8th or 9th. The menu will be listed down below. To order, you can send an email to with your order and address. We will keep your email address and address private. If you do not live in the Phoenix area and would still like to help, you can go to our go fund me account to donate.

The RBP Menu

Best Sellers:

– Oreo Bars 2 for $1

  • tastes just like an oreo milkshake in a bar

– Magic Bars 2 for $1

  • magical experience in a toasted coconut and chocolate cookie bar

– Lemon Poppy Seed Loaves 1 for $1

  • lemon loaf with poppy seeds

– Banana Bread Loaves 1 for $1

  • “best banana bread in town”- Sarah Harman

– Brownies 1 for $1

  • brownies with blossoming flavor! (they come in a flower wrapper)

– Fairy Bites 5 for $1

  • colorful sugar cookie bites

No Bake Goods:

– Avalanche Bars 2 for $1

  • an avalanche of flavor in a rice cereal bar with peanut butter, marshmallows, chocolate chips, and white chocolate chips

– Puppy Chow 1 bag for $1

  • peanut butter, powdered sugar chex mix

– Colorful Krispies 1 skewer for $1

  • assorted colorful rice krispies on a skewer

– Oreo Balls 2 for $1

  • cream cheese and crushed oreos in a ball covered in chocolate

– Peanut Butter Balls 2 for $1

  • cream cheese and crushed nutter butters in a ball covered in chocolate

– Strawberry Brownie Skewers 1 for $1

  • strawberries, brownies, and marshmallows on a skewer drizzled with chocolate on a skewer

Baked Goods:

– Watermelon Cupcakes 1 for $1

  • all vanilla cupcakes made to look like a watermelon

– Pistachio Cupcakes 1 for $1

  • vanilla cupcakes w/ subtle pistachio flavor and powdered sugar instead of frosting

– Chocolate Chip Cookies 3 for $1

  • “If you can’t beat em’ eat em’” – Maddie Wright

– M+M Cookies 3 for $1

  • Munchy and Magnificent cookies

Thank you so much for your donations and support!


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