Welcome to our website! We will be posting monthly updates on our project, The Red Bag Project. It first started when I, Grace, noticed how many homeless people there were on the streets and I felt awful. I then got together with some of my friends, Maeve, Sarah, and Maddie, and we decided to help the homeless, we would have a bake sale. A few weekends before Christmas of 2014, we had a bake sale and earned $214! We were so grateful to everyone that came. Then, we went and made care packages. On Christmas Day, we started handing out care packages. We weren’t finding many people until we went to one street and there were at least a hundred homeless people sitting down throughout the street. We only had 24 care packages so we quickly ran out, but we felt terrible because there were lines of people waiting outside our windows. We decided we would make it an annual event and have semi-annual bake sales.

Our goals for 2015 are to make 100 care packages. We are also hoping to make categorized bags. For example, we would have bags for kids, people with dogs, and men and women. If you would like to donate, you  can visit gofundme.com/redbagproject! You can find out more by clicking on the links above! Thank You!


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